Questions question questions

1) If you could guarantee not to get pregnant by putting on a Maori Fertility mask during sex, puffing out your cheeks and yelling “boo-ga-la-boo-gala-boo-ga-la-HA!”, would you consider using this method?

2) If a dead relative turned up in the middle of the night as a ghost and told you to give up all your possessions and go live on a deserted island as the only way to achieve happiness, would you do it?

………….and would you if he was known for his practical jokes????

3) You are down to your VERY last pair of knickers, all the rest are in the wash, just how Bridget Jones are they?

4) Do you consider yourself more of a head butter or a groin kicker??? This is just so I know for the future reference 😉

5) What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?? (keep it clean pleaaazeee)

6) If you were infected by a biochemical plague and the only way to save yourself was to stab yourself in the heart with one of those effing huge needles, could you do it??

7) If you were kidnapped, what would be the most your family would pay to have you back?

8) Are you a George Clooney woman or a Nicholas Cage woman or a Johny Dep woman?

9) Which Hollywood actor would you pay to sleep with?

10) If you had only one superpower, which one would it be?

11) What REALLY makes you laugh? I’m talking coughing and near pant wetting here.

12) What is/was your absolute favourite item of clothing?

13) Where were you when you ate the best ice cream you have ever had? (If you don’t like ice cream substitute something else (freak)).

14) What is it about you that consistently surprises people?

15) Do you ever surprise yourself? Why?

16) Who do you know that is most likely not to change their underwear regularly?

17) What was the last movie you cried at?

18) If your house was on fire and you could only grab one thing, what would it be??

19) If you could change your name, what would it be?

20) If you could have a lot of completely free plastic surgery, would you do it and which bits???(come onnnnnnnnnn…be honest!)

21) If you could take ONLY ONE DVD and CD to this desert island, what would they be..?

22) If you were in prison for 5 years how would you pass the time?

23) Can you name a CD you are embarrassed about but still secretly enjoy…

24) If your spouse/partner killed someone, would you tell the police, what about if your best friend did….(putting ideas into your mind now..)

25) Who is smarter, dogs or cats……watch out – a lot depends on your answer..

26) If you could be forgiven for one sin that you committed in the past, which one would it be??

27) If you could take back one thing you said in the past, what would it be..?

28) Is there anything you would like to say again??

29) When/if (ever!) you get married, what music will you choose..?

30) You are about to be shot by a firing squad, what are your last words?

31) If you were tortured for information, how long do you think you could hold out for?

32) Would the world be a tidier place if we sharpened the end of blind peoples white canes..?

33) Would the world be happier if we had to skip everywhere?

There…wheat/chaff sorted

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