We are our own saviours

Yes, can’t sleep, lucky foxes are fauxing each other outside and making one hell of a racket so lets share thoughts instead. Surfing around and found this, I like some of the lines.. particularly the last one Wond’ring aloud – how we feel today. Last night sipped the sunset – my hands in her hair. […]

Crimes and misdemeanors (part six)

When I was doing my nursing and it was quiet I used to ring up some of the other wards and ask for fictitious characters like Penny; Penny TrateMe or Connie; Connie Lingus or Ipee; Ipee Freely..I’d do that when a new member of staff started and didn’t know anyone (or any better)..it was revenge […]

A load of balls

When I was working on A&E (ER) as a nurse, we had this bloke come in unconscious and naked, he was found by his flatmate who called the ambulance. We checked him over and he had a huge bash on the top of his head (he was bald) but rather unusually he had scratch marks […]

Are my testicles black?

We (ex) nurses tend to see the world in a slightly different way from Joe Public, words and phrases in common day use tend to make us smile, for example; feedback, when a tutor says to us ‘give me some feedback’ we all titter and immediately think of vomit. Another one is motion, if someone […]

Lessons in love 1.0.2

OK, this has got nothing ‘really’ to do with dating, it’s a lesson learnt that I need to pass onto my two beasties, something my parents never explained to me when I was growing up. Hmmm  think I need a new category…’Life Lessons’. A few years ago I met up with this date from Match, […]

Confession time, I hang my head in shame….

I hang my head in shame, names have been changed to protect the innocent.. One dark and stormy night – NO, NO, REALLY, it was dark and stormy, it was the night of the famous hurricane here in southern England. Michael Fish, the Walter Cronkite of weatherman on BBC1, chuckled about it at 6pm on […]

May Contain Nuts.

If you are easily offended then stop reading. During my Student Nurse days I had to spend three months working on the Psychiatric hospital in South London. Some of the skills I picked up the was the ability to dodge incoming blows easily, wrestle a six foot six psycho to the ground in one deft […]

Shared Body Warmth

When I worked on the wards as a Nurse I had to do night-shifts every other week. We all hated doing them, trying desperately to keep awake at four am was no easy task but to keep awake we would play around somewhat…okay okay “I” would play around somewhat.. much to the irritation of everyone […]


Those of a medical bent will appreciate this. These “writings” were actually once written into hospital charts………. 1. The patient refused autopsy. 2. The patient has no previous history of suicides. 3. Patient has left white blood cells at another hospital. 4. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was […]