Lets Talk About Sex (Part Ten)

I’ve been thinking about dating again recently and in preparation for the ordeal I’ve been checking out the competition by looking at all the 50 yr old males within reasonable distance, yes, I know that’s a bit weird but my mind doesn’t think like normal folk, it likes to take the less well trodden path. […]

Life’s Rewind Button – Part Deux

For a long long time in Northern Ireland the two communities, Protestant and Catholic argued, fought and caused a lot of heartache. It became almost a reflex that one side would take the opposing view of the other side, especially amongst the community elders and local politicians. However, there was one subject that all community […]

Good Vibrations?

Lets Talk About Sex (part seven) In the dark ages everyone thought the world was made of just four elements; air, fire, water and earth but in the 16th century an alchemist called Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (try saying that when drunk) was the first to challenge that idea and suggest everything was composed of […]

Are you a Sneaky F**ker?

Been reading about the Sneaky F**ker Strategy, a genuine scientific term coined by Professor John Maynard Smith in the late nineties. Prof. Smith was a British theoretical evolutionary biologist and geneticist and he tended not to follow rules, in fact he was quite mischievous if truth be told. He passed away in 2004 but he […]


So, I’m not sure what you lot think but I’m beginning to suspect ‘mother’ nature has designed us men to last only 50 years, I’m thinking this because I smashed a tooth this morning eating some muesli, plus I don’t seem to be able to hear as well when in a bar chatting away and […]

Let’s talk about sex baby (part deux)

So, have been thinking today about sex – I know some of you lot may be thinking oh no, not again!  but I was actually thinking what’s Ireland’s contribution to sex? The French obviously gave us the French Kiss and the Spanish..ummm Spanish Fly, India, the Karma Sutra (and curry, though I am not advocating […]

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby

Yes, sorry about that title but I’m wondering if I will get a sudden surge in hits with a title like that and I don’t have a ‘sex’ category so this is going under ‘dating’ as sex and dating go tongue in mouth – I mean – hand in hand. (And no, I’m not going […]

A Sheltered Life?

(That’s not me BTW, he’s much better looking :) I’ve discovered that, whilst living in London, there is a general perception that we are about ten years behind what goes on in the States in lots of ways; science, media, culture and attitudes to dating and these attitudes are something that we will eventually catch […]

Late Onset Sex

So I came across a nice news story the other day; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8558053.stm “Men are more likely than women to enjoy sex in old age, researchers have found. Men can expect nearly five extra years of an active sex life compared with women, according to a review of US data surveying about 6,000 people. At 55, […]