CDC: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

Ever wondered how do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse? I’m pretty sure that’s a question that keeps you awake at night. Fear no more, the nice people at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta have got it all under control, I thought this was a fake or a wind up but apparently not, […]

Birth pains?

(Let’s have some fun) Was chatting to a (female) friend this morning about whether men are better at handling pain or woman are better. I was present at the birth of my two beasties and let me tell you, pain? pain? child birth is nothing compared to how hard my hand was squeezed!, I spent […]

Universally Challenged?

Was listening to the radio this morning and there was a competition on, the bloke who had called in needed to answer five general knowledge questions to win a trip to Norway. Question one was ‘what other name are the Aurora Borealis known as?’. Amazingly the bloke didn’t know the answer, I’m shouting at the […]

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding Spoof

Totally Excellent! I hope you can all see it in whichever country you are visiting from, if not then do a search for T-Mobile Royal Wedding on youtube :)

Come fly with me.

  I tend to like travelling quite a bit, my usual score is to pitch up at Heathrow airport, ask when the next plane is going to the North America and buy a ticket for it. BTW Minneapolis in February is bloody freezing. So is New Jersey, in Feb. And Toronto but it seems to […]

Doing The Funky Chicken

Ok, I thought this was funny, something I was reading in a book whilst enjoying the sunshine today, I laughed but your mileage may vary. Rolls-Royce in Derby has this wonderful way of testing their jet engines against bird strikes, they have a huge cannon which fires chickens from the local supermarket at the jet […]