Life’s Rewind Button – Part Deux

For a long long time in Northern Ireland the two communities, Protestant and Catholic argued, fought and caused a lot of heartache. It became almost a reflex that one side would take the opposing view of the other side, especially amongst the community elders and local politicians. However, there was one subject that all community […]

Crimes and misdemeanors, Part 11

During the Vietnam War Michael Herr wrote in Dispatches “war is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror”. I initially thought he was talking about American Football but I know how he feels, because I’ve worked in theatres and Intensive Care. In my previous career as a nurse I had to spend […]

How To Speak Fluent Norn Iron; Part Six

I’ve mentioned before in this blog that it’s not a good idea to call Native Americans ‘Red Indians’ when visiting the states, not unless you want everyone to drop to the floor! Being a child of the 60’s and 70’s, the term was used every weekend at the local flea-pit (Queen’s cinema) as the cowboys […]

Crimes and misdemeanours, Part 10

My previous career from ’87 to 2000 was as a nurse, mostly Intensive Care but when I did my Nurse training all those years ago the Uni insisted that we students all stayed in Halls of Residence for the first year so we could ‘bond’ and support each other. So that was me, five other […]

Crimes and misdemeanors – More Dog Tails!

Did I mention I worked at Battersea Dogs Home, I lasted four hours….yes, a whole morning at Battersea Dogs home, I pitched up and they gave me two pairs of wellies and three teeshirts with Battersea Dogs Home logo on them and set me to work. it all seemed to be going OK until they […]

Crimes and misdemeanours part eight – Dog Tails

Dogs and me have history..  I was young…I’m much better behaved these days… promise Years ago when I lived in Ireland and was living by myself I really wanted a dog so off I trotted to the local animal shelter with friend Carl and he got this huge Bulldog sort of monster and I got […]

Crimes and misdemeanours, Part 7. Green Fingers?

Despite being somewhat mischievous, I’ve lead a reasonably sheltered life – at least from a illegal activities point of view, I haven’t ever got a speeding ticket-although Wandsworth council seems to intent on sticking parking tickets on my car for no reason at all. So a few summers ago I met She Who Shall Not […]

Crimes and misdemeanors (part six)

When I was doing my nursing and it was quiet I used to ring up some of the other wards and ask for fictitious characters like Penny; Penny TrateMe or Connie; Connie Lingus or Ipee; Ipee Freely..I’d do that when a new member of staff started and didn’t know anyone (or any better) was revenge […]

More Crimes and Misdemeanours

More crimes I’m afraid. When I was 25 I shaved off half my friend’s moustache. It was punishment as (a) he was unconscious after drinking all my booze on holiday plus (b) he had booked us a hotel room in Turkey right beside those huge effing speakers the faithful are called to prayer with at […]