Men brains verses women’s brains

Men’s brains and women’s brains are very different from each other. First, I want to start with men’s brains. Men’s brains are very unique. Men’s brains are made up of little boxes. Most women don’t realize that we have a box for everything. We’ve got a box for the car. We’ve got a box for […]


When we were kids my gang and I used to play superheroes…like we were the only ones who could (and always did) save the world. This was way before the emergence of that strange new fangled interwebby thang, we had to use that other older system…now what was it called…oh yes – imagination… We all […]

I might just get a dog..

So… been trying out internet dating again for a while and it’s been an interesting experience. Almost immediately I met up with a local inmate who described herself as ‘athletic’ but it turns out emailing is fattening, extremely fattening and she had put on a huge amount of weight in three emails. Next please… next […]