Cupid Stunts

Today is the 29th of February and the one day every 1,460 days (aka four years) when I am a bit wary of unexpected surprises and watch my back. In this country at least it’s the one day when woman are meant to propose to their man, not like there’s anything stopping woman from proposing […]

008. Licensed To Date

These days if you want to drive a car you have to do a theory test and then if you pass that then you do a practical test, this can take quite a few months or even years, I have a friend who took six attempts to pass her practical driving test, in Ireland we […]

Moving House

It seems House is on its final season. I’ve only ever watched twenty minutes of one early episode and then had to switch it off. Anyone reading this from the other side of the pond will wonder about this but everyone this side of the pond will understand why we can’t watch it. You see, […]

The Correct Protocol?

There’s a guy I come across occasionally at work, he’s about 55 and been going grey and thin on top for quite a while. Last year I met him in the corridor and his hair was no longer grey but very dark – a very blocky black actually and he obviously dyed it himself with […]

Crimes and misdemeanors, part 15. Oh Baby..

During my previous career training as a nurse I had to work a few weeks on the Labour Ward, I absolutely loved it, probably because it was so intense and (excuse the pun) so hands on – or in this case hands in. The Midwives were great and very down to earth and most of […]

May contain nuts – part three

  It’s not common knowledge that most nurses tend to spend a lot of their working day in a slightly distorted reality field but it’s true, we see and get involved in things that probably looks quite odd from outside but is just another day for a nurse. One day in A&E (ER to our American […]

Valentines Day 2012

I was walking back home this evening at about 7pm and my path was blocked by a gang of blokes all gathered outside a shop.. I was slightly irritated because there’s never anyone around these streets at night and suddenly they were blocking my way…grrrrr.  But then the penny dropped and I realised why they […]

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

Found this at From Dates To Diapers and thought I’d share it with everyone, I’ve got two beastie boys and someday I’m going to have to write the boys version but in the meanwhile this has given me some insight into what it’s like to have a daughter (or two) so THANK YOU Michael Mitchell […]

Software Upgrade Time

I updated my inbuilt system software today from version 5.0 to version 5.1. My creator says it’s just a maintenance release as he’s noticed a few bugs that need to be stomped out and I need more memory as I’m running out of space. Personally I’m not convinced, I think this upgrade that I’m contractually […]

Crimes and misdemeanors, part 14

  This blog entry is crimes and misdemeanour’s by proxy; I want to share this with you to give you some insight into the way the Northern Irish mindset works.  It may outrage a few readers but what the hell, it’s how we view life. I have a good friend from Northern Ireland, I’m going […]