The Walk of Shame vs First Footing

It’s New Years Eve and I’m celebrating like a lot of 50 year olds that I know by staying at home watching movies with my kids. I went up to pick them up at 7pm and the streets were heaving with blokes carrying copious amounts of alcohol and practically every woman was wearing a party […]

Tickle Cock Bridge

Warning, this blog entry contains a completely legitimate use of the ‘c’ word, yes, there are one or two legitimate uses and not just in the town named Scunthorpe believe it or not, if you are easily offended then you probably don’t want to read the last paragraph. Been looking up the history of the […]

Cat ‘Tails’

It’s sometimes difficult to figure out who’s the pet and who’s the owner when you have a cat. I’ve been looking after the beasties cat for the last week or so and she’s under  no illusion as to who’s the pet here and it certainly isn’t her. Consequently I’ve had to adjust my routine to […]

Nature vs Nurture

Its very hard to predict how your kids are going to turn out, you think they are born with a blank mind but I suspect all kids are born with their own very strong personalities already built in and it make me wonder about the nature vs nurture argument I worked with a counsellor years […]

The Hobbit

It’s the end of December 2011 and Peter Jackson has released the trailer for The Hobbit just in a nick of time because we won’t be able to go see it for a whole year, until December 2012. According to Hollywood the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012 so getting to watch […]

The French Mistress

After three years of learning how to survive in the sprawling jungle called Bangor Boys High School I was expected to buckle down for the last two years and actually start studying for our ‘O’ Levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Technical Drawing and Wood/Metal Work. You will note there’s no foreign languages there and […]

Merry Christmas

In the twenty five years I’ve lived in London, or should I say London’s reluctantly put up with me, I’ve never had a white Christmas but in Northern Ireland it’s a much more frequent occurrence. From the ages of eleven to sixteen I helped my older brother deliver milk and usually that involved trudging through […]

The Sixth Sense

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in ‘Blink’ that sometimes we make decisions just based on a hunch, on instinct and we can’t figure out why, we just have an intuitive sense of something being right or wrong. He goes on to propose that it’s our subconscious talking to us, picking up little clues that our conscious mind […]

Cat on a hot tin roof.

I’m looking after the beasties cat over Christmas whilst they visit granny. Yelp! Cat is determined to escape. Tell anyone and you die.  

Every Girl Should Get To Live Her Fairytale

A friend of mine got married recently, on the quiet and not telling anyone. She’s extremely unwell and just wanted a quiet wedding with almost no-one there. I’ve been searching around for a while now trying to find the right image to put here and found it tonight. This isn’t her obviously but I still […]