Lets Talk About Sex (Part Ten)

I’ve been thinking about dating again recently and in preparation for the ordeal I’ve been checking out the competition by looking at all the 50 yr old males within reasonable distance, yes, I know that’s a bit weird but my mind doesn’t think like normal folk, it likes to take the less well trodden path. […]

Open mouth – insert foot.. again..

Damn, just done something REALLY stupid (yet again). Standing in the queue for coffee and there’s an anaesthetist in front of me in scrubs, heavily pregnant and obviously about to drop. She orders a double espresso and glances at me beside her, I smile back and without thinking say “you sure you want to be […]

Thanksgiving? Yes, once I am President.

This week will be a relatively normal week, work 9-5 Mon-Fri, well, when I say ‘work’ I mean in the loosest possible sense, I will be at my desk occasionally, in-between tea breaks, coffee breaks, social rounds, cake rounds, biscuit rounds…how I manage to actually get the time to do some work is beyond me, […]

The Richard Burton and Liz Taylor of Tudor Times

It’s interesting how real life is nearly always much more fascinating than anything today’s soap opera writers could come up with, some of the events that happened in Tudor England defies belief. I’m reading The Pocket Guide To Royal Scandals  (or is it The Pocket Guide To Royal Sandals?) and that explains the previous post […]

The Queen of Fashion?

It’s long been the case that the ladies of the world use clothing and fashion to accentuate certain curves and disguise others. When I was growing up during the 60’s and 70’s there were many advertisements on the telly for strange underwear like the Playtex 18 Hour Girdle with its ecstatic panels to hide the […]

Love, Money, Companionship. Choose One.

(High definition version here  and info here courtesy of The Met) The painting above by Jean-Léon Gérôme is one of my favourites, I was wandering around The Met in NYC (as one does) and came across this hanging unloved and un-admired in a dark corner. I guess some of you will be familiar with the […]

Do onto them, before they do onto you

Some folk manage to bugger up their kids lives with almost zero effort but not me, I have to work at it really hard. If you work for Wandsworth Borough Council Children’s Welfare Services then look away now. You see, I have this strong belief that it’s important for my kids to grow up with […]

Make me one with everything

I tend to avoid conventional religion like the plague, part of it’s because I hate to follow the crowd and partly because I like to question everything and I’ve never got satisfactory answers to some big questions from mainstream religions. We had religion rammed down our throats as kids, we had to go to church […]

To pee or not to pee, that is the question

Hmmmm ..you know that point in your existence, the point just before you’re born and God says to you “OK my little spirit being, it’s time to choose, what do you want to be in this life, a man or a woman, ..you decide, it’s totally up to you” and I obviously choose to be […]