Let’s talk about sex baby (part deux)

So, have been thinking today about sex – I know some of you lot may be thinking oh no, not again!  but I was actually thinking what’s Ireland’s contribution to sex? The French obviously gave us the French Kiss and the Spanish..ummm Spanish Fly, India, the Karma Sutra (and curry, though I am not advocating […]

One of millions?

The little girl on the left, do you think she might be a little bored, you know how it is, 100’s of millions watching ya and you’re a bit fed up.. or maybe she wants to be the fairy princess and has been waiting patiently for her promised turn all day.. OK OK, it would […]

Will-i-am and Kate MiddleClass

Anyone want to take three guesses as to which photo will dominate all English language newspapers tomorrow – of course you won’t need three guesses. Am bit surprised that I didn’t received my invite, after all I’ve met nearly all the Royals (Charlie boy twice) and I thought I was almost family – albeit an […]

The mark of a man?

I’m not sure how woman mark their transition from childhood into womanhood, I suspect some of it may be the development of boobs or the first menstrual cycle and I’m sure there are a hell of a lot of other markers that my sister would never think of sharing with me but for us men […]

The Royal We?

So, royal wedding week is upon us and it seems I have to stop going Bah Humbug and pass even more comment on the happy nuptials. London, of course is experiencing Royal Wedding fever and I’m tempted to bugger off across the water – no, not to the States where it will be even worse […]

Pearls of wisdom?

Most folk get their pearls of wisdom from the older generation, I have made a point of passing on as many pearls of wisdom to my two boys as possible but the problem is, I never knew my father, he was pretty much absent all my life, so I’ve been thinking recently just where to […]

The Unreported Victims.

Three of my school friends died in ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, two blown up in a land mine attack close to the border, ‘bandit country’ as we called it,  and my closest friend at school, Glen, was shot at close range in Belfast one evening. It seems he was just in the wrong place […]