Google results for “killed whilst…”

Google Results. Killed whilst blogging, 8,770,000 hits  (update now 14,800,000 and by some strange co-incidence this page is top hit!) Killed whilst ironing, 7,530,000 hits Killed whilst skateboarding, 5,380,000 hits Killed whilst knitting, 4,100,000 hits Killed whilst swimming, 3,444,000 hits Killed whilst ice skating, 2,040,000 hits Killed whilst horse riding, 2,000,000 hits Killed whilst surfing, […]

You don’t have it ALL your own way..

Over here in the UK we have this perception that everything here is much more expensive than in the US and we get paid about half of what everyone gets paid over there too, this has been confirmed by friends of mine and it’s hard not to think we are being shafted by big business, […]