Who ya gonna call?

A few years ago I took a road trip west of London and pitched up in Salisbury (via Andover) (which sounds like an instruction in the Lovers Guide) and Salisbury’s actually quite a pleasant place, the big difference I noticed was that Andover seems to have a disproportionate number of shoe shops and Salisbury has […]

Come fly with me.

  I tend to like travelling quite a bit, my usual score is to pitch up at Heathrow airport, ask when the next plane is going to the North America and buy a ticket for it. BTW Minneapolis in February is bloody freezing. So is New Jersey, in Feb. And Toronto but it seems to […]

Long Distance Dating

Have been reading some of Napoleons love letters online this week, trying to educate myself in matters of love; http://www.napoleonguide.com/lovejos3.htm I particularly like this line; “One night has taught me how far your portrait falls short of yourself!” which is a nice thing to write, especially as most portrait artists would take liberties with the […]

Einstein wasn’t always right.

Albert Einstein was one smart cookie, he came up with basis of The General Theory of Relatively when he was working in a patent office and obviously won the Nobel Prize for it in 1921. So mega-brain (I’m sure there is a movie out now with the same name) and he had a great sense […]

My Second Worse Holiday.

About 20 years ago when I was doing my Nurse training, four of us, Tony, Dave, Neil and myself decided to go on an ‘exotic’ holiday, I had already been to Egypt so I suggested we four lads go to Turkey. No one went to Turkey at that time, it was completely un-westernised ( i.e. […]


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTcNlcefAQ0 Well OBVIOUSLY I’m going to use this video. So, home from Barcelona and nice to be back in my own bed. Impressions about Barcelona, well the following is a list of jobs that are Credit Crunch Proof and as secure as Fort Knox. Sunglass sales. You will never go out of a job if […]

Doing The Funky Chicken

Ok, I thought this was funny, something I was reading in a book whilst enjoying the sunshine today, I laughed but your mileage may vary. Rolls-Royce in Derby has this wonderful way of testing their jet engines against bird strikes, they have a huge cannon which fires chickens from the local supermarket at the jet […]

Barry’s amusement park

When we were kids we went on holiday for a week to a place called Portrush up on the Antrim coast. It’s hard to describe Portrush (and it’s even less illustrious sister town of Portstewart) to folk that haven’t been there but I think if you look up the definition of the word ‘decrepit’ in […]

Thou Doth Protest Too Much.

OK so occasionally folk ask me why I left Ireland and moved to England, there is much to admire about the English but the reflex answer is about the weather, you know, there are only two seasons in Ireland, the rainy season and the monsoon season – although everyone in Norn Iron knows we have […]

49 years, 11 months, 31 days and counting..

This is the last day of my 49th year, the last day of my fourth decade, the last day of my first half century, but I like to think of it as looking forward to the rest of my life, the initial first days of my second half century. The last 50 years have been […]